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Lookiing for Writers

2009-01-10 21:53:36 by BlindPatriot

have been slowly building a web community at

This site features a webazine that I hope will over time become a quality publisher providing entertainment to the internet and giving talented writers a place to be seen.

If you look around now you'll probably see that it isn't amazing quality as is but the magazine is backed by a community with a long history together that is looking to expand and offers others a chance at out unique take on discussion and sense of humor. That's why I'm reaching out around the internet to both ask for help and to offer you a chance to be a part of something that could become unique and worthwhile.

I'm looking for people with specific interest that they keep up with and are able to form opinions on currents affairs on a regular basis. I'm not looking for statistical reporters or people to announce to latest specs on intels new chipset. This isn't to say I think I'm above such things it's just that there are already many sites doing this and to use sports as an example if someone just wants to know the score to a game they're going to espn. We, and I would think you, want to provide something unique that only our site can offer. That unique trait will come from the inclusion of your opinion, perspective, style, and wit into the factual articles you create.

If you would be interested then please contact me by email or aim depending on my availablity.

aim: so im medicated

How's it going?

2008-04-28 16:05:24 by BlindPatriot

Well I signed up on newgrounds years ago in hopes of becoming an amazing flash animator by surrounding myself with it. This plan did not play out. As it stands I am apparently terribly impatient when it comes to animating. What I ended up getting into was the production of music during my time away from this site. After getting what I'd call at least decent at this music making thing I decided to bring back my work to the NG community. The community that started the journey in the first place.

Looking forward to actively participating in the site for once instead of standing idly by.